Getting Started with Autochess

Mar 11th 2019, 6:38am

This guide contains everything you need to get started playing autochess, from how to install DOTA 2, get the mod, and how to play once it's installed. 

  • What is AutoChess?
  • Installing Steam and DOTA 2
    • Get Steam
    • Get DOTA 2
    • Installing Auto Chess
  • Playing AutoChess
    • Basics of the game
    • Courier Actions
    • Units
    • Races & Classes
    • Items
    • Ranking through the ladder
  • Basic Strategy
  • Unit Placement
  • Additional Resources

What is Autochess?

AutoChess is a free arcade mod for Valve's Free2Play DOTA 2, created by developers Drodo Studio. While AutoChess borrows mechanics from other games - most notably card games like Hearthstone, or Magic the Gathering - it introduces enough new elements so as to be considered a new thing in the multiplayer strategy genre.

It has elements of luck (or RNG) built into it as a primary mechanic. While you can't control which pieces you are given to choose from, you can decide which pieces you use, and how you use them. The skill comes in how you use your luck to build the best composition to beat your opponents. 

In each round of the game you are given five "Chesses" to choose from, which you then place on the board and watch as they fight other players. The last player with pieces alive wins that match. If you lose, you take damage. 

There are a few different mechanics for earning gold, changing the pieces you're given, and leveling up your Courier to get stronger pieces and allow you to place more of them on the board. We will explore these later. 

Installing AutoChess

If you already have steam and DOTA 2 Installed, click here to jump to the "Basics of the Game" section. 

Installing Steam

The first thing you need to start playing AutoChess is to Download and Install Steam. Steam is a platform by Valve, a videogame developer and publisher. Steam allows you to buy and dowload thousands of games, and is the only place to get Dota2. After you install Steam, you'll need to create and verify your account. 

Installing Dota 2

Once you have Steam installed, you have to install the free-to-play game DOTA 2. DOTA 2 is a MOBA game, like League of Legends & Heroes of the Storm, that itself began as a mod for Warcraft 3. More importantly, it's the foundation on which AutoChess is built. 

To install Dota 2, look for it on the search bar in the Steam app, or click this link to go to the Dota 2 install page. 

Installing AutoChess 

After it's finished installing,  launch Dota 2 and click on the "ARCADE" tab near the top. This will give you access to hundreds of community created mods. Because of the great popularity of AutoChess, there are a lot of different versions of the game. The one you're looking for is called "HERE IS THE NAME OF AUTOCHESS THO"

Getting to Know Autochess

Basics of the game

When you first start a game of autochess, you have 1 gold, 100 life, a courier, and a menu with options for pieces to buy.